Just like in the real world, there are several types of dangerous scenarios that could potentially occur on a college campus. One of the things that prospective students are keeping a vigilant eye on while touring colleges is the enforcement of safety protocols. Applying the methodology of best practices to college campus security is a proven technique that saves many. 

One of the things that keep crime rates under control is when college campus law enforcement and local law enforcement agencies maintain a free-flowing channel of communication. Because these two groups are armed with the same objective of keeping their residents and students safe, they will work best as a team by assisting each other and sharing pertinent information. Aggressive patrolling by both teams throughout the day and night also work as an effective deterrent against crime. 

Students should be able to enjoy the college experience of free-roaming without having to be in constant fear. For this reason, emergency call boxes should be spread around campus. Well-light and prominently displayed, any student should be able to easily call for help with the press of a button, alerting dispatch to their location and providing a speaker to call for help. In addition to emergency stations, all walkways should be well-lit 24/7 to avoid giving any potential predators the upper-hand or element of surprise.

Just as people have rights, they also have responsibilities. Everyone is advised to use common sense along with best practices. Don’t leave your belongings unattended. All visitors, students, and staff of a university are also expected to report anything deemed suspicious. The more people work together to keep everyone safe, the more community benefits as a whole. Many campuses offer seminars on the basic concepts of staying alert and safe. 

There are also technological advancements that help with campus safety. Using a campus-wide app that will alert all users instantly about any danger or crime is a game-changer. The National Center for Campus Public Safety (NCCPS) works all around the country collaborating with local law enforcement, campus officers, EMTs, school administrators, advocacy groups and the student body, as well as with pertinent federal agencies. Their mission is to educate and support others.