All businesses, large and small, have reason to be concerned about their security. All it takes is one breach to cause the entire infrastructure to come crumbling down. Following simple steps can help reduce the risk of this sort of disaster.

Corporations should consider maintaining a checklist of all the items they and their employees need to be concerned about regularly. These seemingly simple measures will have a significant impact in the long run.

Door and Window Security

Ensuring the proper level of door and window security is a must for all businesses. Start by checking that all windows and doors are capable of being securely locked. All materials should be robust in structure, including glass.

Keypad locks at the doors increase security, as does the installation of additional locks. However, it is essential to note that these features are only secure when employees are adequately trained. An employee should never let an unidentified person follow them through a secure door, for example.

Closing Security

Additional security measures should be in place whenever a business or office is closed. Simple steps such as light timers are helpful here – they can be designed to shut off (and stay off) for the duration of closing time.

Motion detectors and alarm systems are essential when it comes to protecting property overnight. Furthermore, it’s necessary to make sure that employees understand how to arm and disarm the system – and that they are actively doing so at the beginning and end of each day.

Cyber Security

As the saying goes, security systems are only as robust as the people maintaining them. Thus, businesses should create programs to help keep employees up to date on the most recent cybersecurity risks. This training should include password best practices, phishing awareness, and more.

Another step is to limit employee access whenever possible. That is to say, if an employee doesn’t need access to sensitive information, then they should not have access. It really can be as simple as that.

Most businesses these days make use of a Wi-Fi network, and with good reason. When securing the rest of the office, make sure that this network is not being overlooked. Encrypt the network if possible (VPNs are an easy solution to this problem), install software protections, and require passwords for all access.