Going on a family vacation frequently leaves homeowners concerned about the safety of their homes. There are countless new risks that come with an unoccupied house. Between fires, damage from natural disasters, and thieves, various things can cause concern on vacation. However, there are several ways that vacationers can protect their homes and possessions while they are gone.

Lock All Doors and Windows

Locking doors and windows prior to leaving on vacation can prevent the vast majority of break-ins. If a door or window is left unsecured or open, a thief will likely notice and take advantage of the opportunity. However, a simple lock can make a break-in much more difficult. Consider deadbolts on primary doors and entrances.

Consider a Security System

A security system allows for added safety from break-ins and robberies. If a person does break-in, the alarm system is typically loud enough to scare away a potential thief. However, if the thief does choose to stick around, the security company will alert the owner of a break-in. The security system can then send a security officer or policeman to check on the situation.

Double-Check Appliances

Before leaving on vacation, it’s essential to check that all appliances have been turned off. This includes ovens, stove-tops, curlers, and other hot products. Leaving an appliance on puts a home at high risk for damage from a fire. Especially if the vacation is long, those leaving should unplug any appliance that won’t be needed when they’re gone. While you might need to leave items like the fridge plugged in, unplugging smaller devices like the toaster, laptop chargers, and TVs can help reduce electricity costs and protect homes.

Ask a Neighbor to Keep an Eye Out

Having a reliable neighbor to keep an eye on things is always a good idea for those who are vacationing. A neighbor can alert families to suspicious activities, potential hazards, and damage from storms or weather. Vacationers can even give their neighbors a key to their home if they are comfortable with this. This way, if something does happen, the neighbor has easy access to take pictures or provide more information to the owners.