It’s a new year, and it’s time to get serious about their home security. With more and more information being hacked, people need to protect their homes from intruders with the latest technology. This article will discuss some of the top home security technology they might want to invest in for 2021.

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity will be one of the top home security systems techs in 2021. This system is excellent because it has the latest technology to protect their home from intruders and uses autonomous security features that they can control through their phone or laptop. For example, they can program their doors and windows to either lock or unlock when they leave and arrive at their house, with just a click of a button on their smartphone. Right now, this service is available in many areas, but they will continue to roll out their services nationwide in the upcoming years.

Commercial Security System (CTS)

Another one of the top home security Tech companies in 2021 is CTS. They offer a great home automation system that can be installed quickly and controls their smart devices throughout their house. This system is excellent for people who want to control their whole house without spending too much time. If they want, they can create different schedules, such as when their alarm should go off and when certain lights should turn on or off. This company’s primary goal is energy efficiency while also ensuring a secure home life.

ADT Pulse

Another one of the top home security systems in 2021 is ADT Pulse. Many people use this system. It allows them to feel safe while out of their house or on vacation for a few weeks. It’s an alarm system, but there’s so much more to it than just that. For example, suppose something happens within their home, such as smoke or carbon monoxide detectors going off. In that case, this system will send alerts to their cell phones and control certain features throughout their house that can help protect them even more.


In 2021, Vivint will be a top security system if they want the latest technology and optimal protection for their home. This company offers some of the most technologically advanced alarm systems available on the market today. Furthermore, they have great customer service that can help them with any questions or concerns that might come up along the way. They also have doorbell cameras that have high-quality sensors so they can see who is at their front door from anywhere at any time.